Throwback Friday


A little throwback to when I joined the dark side, conducted for the London Symphony, visited the Taj Mahal, rocked out with Freddie Mercury, and became the Pope.


Modge podge


The great-ness of modge podge.

If you are a crafter and never heard of modge podge, look it up. This glory glue has put together so many projects I have done. In particular, I used modge podge to creat two of the notebooks I was going to use for lit 100 and creative writing. Creating collages of something I love and mixing it with something I loath (school), makes life less painful.image image

State Finals Prank


Looking back on the days of marching band, I can proudly say that one of my favorite days of the entire season was state. The reason being, we decided to put together a smallish prank. One of our freshmen (who we love very much) tends to always wear the same facial expression. This expression might be a mix of “kill me now” or “I’m surrounded by idiots”. We can’t really tell though. So we decided to find a picture with such face (wasn’t very hard) and ironed it onto a bunch of tshirts. The next day, every girl in the saxophone sections was wearing a white tshirt with Ryan’s (the expressionless boy) face on it. We acted as of nothing was going on a went the entire practice without saying anything. As you can imagine, he had his fair share on confusion. At the end of the day was had a big laugh and snapped this picture


Stuff Kids Write

I was browsing through different blogs and I came across something very relatable to myself. is a blog about just the silly things you see children draw or write. Now I work at a daycare AND I cadet teach at Pleasant Grove Elementary. And I have something I would like to add to this humorous blog. The picture below is a haiku that a 4th grader wrote. If you cannot read the handwriting it says:

Friday the 13th

Jason Vorhies kills people

Do not sleep at night

hiku 2

These short poems were supposed to be about fall. And apparently this kids perception of fall is the Friday the 13th movies.

Peace out Girl Scout

This past weekend was one of our last Girl Scout camp outs. Every year we attend an event called Winter Jam, in which older girls camp out for a weekend. Camp Aida was one of my very favorite camps and holds many memories. Thus weekend was the last time I would ever be able to stay there. Girl Scout bridging (basically graduating Girl Scouts) is in the middle of May. This will be the end of my 13 years being involved. I’ve made so many memories and have had so many opportunities through this wonderful program. My troop and troop leader will always be lifelong friends to me. This is a picture we snapped as we were leaving the camp. We are standing inside a refrigerator, which holds many memories from over the years.

Our troop is now only 4 girls strong. And I am happy to say I cannot wait to bridge with my other 3 best friends.