Time Doesn’t Wait For Anyone- Fiction


Lucy’s Velcro shoes were once again on the wrong foot. I knelt down and started to take them off. Things around the house were a lot like Lucy’s shoes, incongruous.

The dogs whimper to be let in but I am still working on Lucy’s shoes. Tiny shoes for tiny feet. Something so simple, makes perfect sense. Where is the sense in my life? Not too long ago I was fresh out of college, looking forward to whatever life brought me. Now, five years later, I am worn down, ready for a break. I never expected my mother to be true. Life is a hassle.

Time doesn’t wait for anyone. We would be on time if Lucy didn’t wake up without a fit and my alarm clock had gone off five minuets earlier. But now, we are running out the door, following the same schedule we run 5 days a week. If only time wasn’t such a bitch.


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