Career Choices


As I seek a future, my career choices had led me choosing the field of education. I wish to become a teacher, no matter all the harassment I have gotten from parents, counselors, and fellow students. I watched the video not to long ago and I agree with it completely. But I ask of you to watch this enlightening video before reading!

I did not choose a career because I wish to be able to purchase expensive cars and ginormous homes. I want to become a teacher because it is what I am passionate about. Teaching music to children isn’t a way to get rich quick, but a way to be able to live my life happily, doing something I love. This video is motivation enough on why exactly I wish to become a teacher and these words I wish I could say to those who doubted me.

However, I am not saying teaching is any harder than any other job out there. I do feel like most teachers are underapperciated. I have gotten a glimpse through cadet teaching and mentoring. I cannot fathom the entirety of being a full time teacher.

I look forward to my future, but in can’t help but worry. During an interview, required by my cadet teaching class, numerous teachers said NOT to go into the education field. It’s risky and difficult. Hearing this does not comfort me. But I do believe I will be able to make it. Going into music education is a mixture of intense feelings!


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