An Unexpected Adventure

I have tried very hard to attach my music theory composition onto this post, but it would only work if you had that particular program on your device.

This final music theory composition, he had to write a standard ABA piano piece. 48 measures. Simple enough.
Ah, but this project has been the death of me. Hours have gone by without even noticing a change in time. It is crazy how you can lose yourself so easily into something. I often think a composition tells a story and my story had changed during every single page. The book I started with was something very different than what I ended with. But that is the best work.
It’s fun being able to hear something you thought up. But it’s painful at the same time, the sacrifices you make for tonality. But enough of that fancy dancey terminology.
My piece is titled “Unexpected Adventures”. It tells a story of being lost. But this isn’t a scary story, not one bit! Being lost and not exactly wanting to be found. The things you can discover unexpectedly! Amusement is learning and prospering with the memories. Like I said, writing music is just like writing fiction. Of course there are no details, only main ideas.
When writing music, you must pick an emotion for your story. Is it going to be a march, happy and lively! Short and fast! Or could it be sad and solemn. Are you going to be major (happiness to the ear) or could it be minor (mysterious and displeasing)? Afterwards, listening to your own production, you feel a sense of pride. Something your worked hours on is finally completed, not to be tampered with any longer.

Music I theory is not fun and I would not like anyone to get the idea that it has been an overall pleasant experience. But there is some light at the end of the tunnel. I have learned a lot about not only music theory, but also story writing.




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