A list of things I will never do again

A short but somewhat intelligent list of things I will never do again

1. Space camp

Why you ask? Next time I ride one of those simulators will be the day I enjoy country music.

2. Go to a country concert

Beer, big trucks that don’t know how to park, whinny love struck lyrics. Sounds like a party.

3. Eat Taco Bell

Yes, I did try Taco Bell for the first time this past weekend. And I will never try it again

4. Attend high school

I guess in about 2 weeks I will really be able to say this

5. Ride the scrambler at a local fair

Enough said

6. Allow myself to eat an entire pizza

It seemed like a really good idea at the time

7. Go tanning in a tanning bed

Never have and never will

8. Eliminate yoga pants from my wardrobe

I’m sorry, they are just so comfy and they match with everything.

9. Wish I lived in New York City

To cliche, too big. I CANNOT be swallowed up by an entire population of people who want the exact same thing I want.

I love ending lists without a proper #10


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