Tuesdays are the very worst day of the week. Some may argue Mondays are bad, but oh no! Tuesday are definitely the most horrible day of the week.
Tuesdays are deceiving. You are not yet at the middle of the week and you just got over Monday. It is the horrible in between, the realization that you are no where near done with this week.
It is too cliche to hate Mondays. Wednesday is the famous “hump day”, a somewhat clear mark that you are halfway done. Thursdays can sometimes be a little rough, but always follow up the best day or the work week. Friday. Fridays make everything OK. No one could possibly hate the weekend, so that just leaves Tuesday. Tuesday is the evil child of the week that no one likes and probably doesn’t get anything at Christmas.
Oh, but could it be? Aren’t we the ones who make Tuesdays so horrible? Maybe if we were a little nicer to Tuesdays, they would return the favor. Maybe if we viewed each week day equally, it would not make one better or worse than another. No one would have to deal with the horrible Mondays, abominable Tuesdays, standard Wednesdays, adequate Thursdays, and glorious Fridays. Ah, but doesn’t the not so good days make the other ones even better! Doesn’t a million frowns make one smile seem like the best in the world!?
So it continues.
Today, my friends, is Tuesday.

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