Alas, the home stretch

I am trying my best to avoid thinking and or talking about the end of the year. The less I think of it, the faster it will come. I figured, as a small, immature new come senior, that I would not develop the horrible disease also known as senioritis. I held strong most of first semester. Passed with all As. The news of being accepted into college, passing my music auctions, winning multiple scholarships really threw me off. I knew my future was set and if I just barely hung on, I would make it through, undetected.
Alas, here we are. The home stretch. The final weeks. Within time, I will never have to see these boring hallways again, academically at least. The people I have been forced with for 12 years will all be going separate ways, an unlikely occurrence if I happen to run into them in the future. Sure, I’ve shared memories. But there is only so much fun you can have at school.
I guess I feel like most rules don’t apply to me and I will admit that I have broken about every single one of them. Hey, I haven’t been caught so far so I guess Im pretty good at it.


2 thoughts on “Alas, the home stretch

  1. I definitely agree and i feel the same way, rules don’t apply to me. As for senioritis, i have smartassitis, it’s much more fun. Always remember, you didn’t break the rules if you didn’t get caught!

  2. You rebel, you. I was going to do really well the entire year, but now, I can proudly say I haven’t completely finished all of my homework since last thursday. Which is really bad, becuase now the good student in me is freaking out about the stuff I have yet to do.

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