Flash Fiction

Flash fiction is something new to my eyes. I think the idea is splendid. It reminds me of poetry but in story form. You do not have a lot of room to write, so choose your words carefully. The taunting idea is somewhat comforting. Knowing that I do not need to “fill space” with “fluff” is a relief. Long essays and research papers are a thing of the past for now! I enjoyed the poetry unit and I am sure I will enjoy this one too.

Each prompt consisted of a few common phrases. “A damaged object”, “a stitch in time saves nine”, “around the coffeepot”. These prompts could be taken in various directions depending on the mood of the author. You take something without a lot of thought, and turn it into 500 words of complete scene. “Around the coffee pot” gave me no indication of a bad break up, but what a twist! A complete story and the author carefully weaves in the prompt idea.

However, “a damaged object” made a little more sense. I expected a book to be damaged. The story was simply a conversation between two people, not much information was given. In the third prompt, you learned a lot about the character while she observed the reaction to a break up. These two short stories do have one think in common. Description. The description made me feel as of I was witnessing it firsthand! I could smell the rundown bookstore and I could hear the storm growing closer.

Flash fiction is a lot like poetry. The last line is usually the most important. It ties everything together. The concluding line, or sentence, gives the story sense.

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