Cliche collaboration

We come across
Everyday of our lives

The hallways
In our brains
In our thoughts
In our writing

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”
Said the boy to the apple
But absence
Just make the heart forget
And soon within time
He had forgotten the taste of the apple

“Good things come to those who wait”
And the boy sat
But waiting gets you nowhere
Except loss of time

“Think outside the box”
The boy thought
And thought and though and thought
But the box just happened
To be another restraint
To his thoughts

“All in fair in love and war”
Too many emotions
And too little sanity
For the boy to think clearly
And he ended up heartbroken and dead




Adding to this post about cliches, I thought I might as well add some cartoons that went along with the theme.


cliche-cartoon-175x300 animals-clich_-cliche-dog-canine-pet-gra110730l.jpg

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