“Your body is my canvas”

Naked Vegas. It’s a small tv show but I think it is a huge topic. The tv show is about a group of canvas artists who paint of naked models. Most people would like to not talk about this. Most people probably think it’s wrong to use girls bodies as something to stare at. I believe this is not the case. I think its a statement. “Your body is a temple”. This society has evolved into a mindset that he naked body can only mean one thing….. Which I will not say because I am school appropriate. I think you can do whatever the heck you want with your body! Man, if you wanna get tattoos all up in your face, do it. You might look pretty silly but who cares if that’s what makes you happy. If you want to be turned into a work of art, do it. Interpretation of art is not limited. Society has proved that. If you do not consider this art, you do not understand that art has no limitations. Naked Vegas is a great show for making a statement. These group of artists are doing exactly what futurist music composers did at the turn of the twentieth century. They composed music that was unheard of. They broke all the rule. They uses machines and patterns that stressed the ear. And the product, the music you listen to today. It is completely different and it has evolved into something that has benefited many people.


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