Peanut butter and jelly

When I first thought of how-to ideas, I thought back to when we had that stupid assignment in middle school: walking somebody through making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I understand the purpose of the assignment, sure we all forgot to mention you had to actually open the peanut butter jar or to walk over to the pantry to grab the jelly. But it’s mainly for the purpose of teachers tormenting us with their literal way of life. Everybody knows how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We just forget to look at the small things sometimes. I took a shot at writing my own version of the assignment during class. I quickly gave up after I had spread jelly onto my second piece of bread. I mean the list could go on. How specific do we have to be? Do I actually have to tell you that you need to put down the knife before you pick up the jar of jelly to open it? How unknowing is this person I am explaining this to? Do they have any common sense at all? Ehhh, when we were kids we just did the assignment without question. Now in highschool, there are questions for everything. Am I actually going to use this in life or is this just another step into getting an A? Do I actually have to read the chapter in order to do well on a test? If I did bad on this quiz, how much will if affect my grade? You think I could skip school and still S to the 5th?

Now I wouldn’t say life was easier as a middle schooler, it wasn’t (I try and block those years out of my life), but it sure had a lot less questions.

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