Short Stories: The Girl with Bangs; Homework

Short stories: The Girl with bangs; Homework


Both of these stories have to do with current, relatable, young adult plots. Divorce is such a common, household name. Everyone knows someone’s parents who are divorce, or may even be the victim themselves. George, from the short story Homework, did not know much about divorce. His mother, giving advice, led him through a story about the truth in divorce. If your parents were divorced, you might not ever see your mom. Or you might have to deal with your dad’s bad cooking, or his new girlfriend. But when George tries to “imagine” something more far fetched, such as your mom being eaten by sharks, it is quickly dismissed by him mother. Storytelling so it is believable. The difference between making something up that could be true, or something that might stick out.

Maybe this story really is true. The mothers parents could have been divorced, leaving her scarred with the memories.


The Girl with Bangs is another young adult story. The main character, lesbian, trying to seek out another girl who is involved in a long distance relationship. She says “I became a boy for the duration” and ” I did all the old boy tricks”. I figured this is what she is going to make Charlotte notice her? And the twist at the end, how oblivious Maurice is to Charlotte. How could anyone love someone so unfaithful?

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