Scholarship savvy

Scholarship savvy

If I have learned anything my senior year, it would be why I want this scholarship. Or what am I qualified to be awarded this money. What impact do I make in my community? These questions have circled my mind since I filled out my first scholarship application. I have entered my email more times than words I have written on my blog. Scholarships are a big part of going to college and the small ones are important too. Sure, academic scholarships are easy when you studied hard in high school. But after that, you are stuck with the same essay questions over and over and over. What makes you above the rest of the applicants? How are you different? Am I? Am I different than the rest of the students who just want money to be able to go to college? Sure, others need it more than myself. But I’ve worked hard for this. These kind of questions circle my mind every weekend as I google search for more nation wide scholarships. How am I different?

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