I had been wanting to look into this this film for quite some time. The reviews looked promising and I thought it would be an enlightening, uplifting, life-changing movie. However, I was wrong. I should have known. This movie did not make it to theaters and it rightfully belongs under the free movies section. The story line was cliche and unreal. I thought the purpose of this movie would be the bring attention to a rapid growing problem. But this movie had given a false idea of what cyberbullying was.

First of all, the main character was Emily Osment. She is gorgeous, gorgeous hair, perfect clothes. I know looks shouldn’t matter but they couldn’t find an actor that looked like an actual person who might attend high school?

Second, the way she started to be bullied was also far fetched. It wasn’t because she was weird or she dressed a certain way. It was all an accident. And I completely agree, they could be saying that it’s possible for anybody to be bullied. But this is beyond the point.

In the end, she goes up to the bully and tells her to stop and she runs away and it’s a happy ending and all the kids who used to make fun of her online now don’t because the “queen bee” is gone and the internet is safe.

This movie left me with nothing to take out that I didn’t already know. Yes, you should tell an adult. That’s about it. I had seen many movies like it before. Nothing special.

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