Throwback Friday


A little throwback to when I joined the dark side, conducted for the London Symphony, visited the Taj Mahal, rocked out with Freddie Mercury, and became the Pope.


Brainy Quote


“When we are no longer able to change a situation- we are challenged to change ourselves.”

So I thought I would try something new. I looked up the quote of the day from brainy quote. Sometimes the quote I cannot relate or it does not make sense. Today quote, February 28th, 2014, I found something enlightening. This statement is true in so many ways. Trying to get out of a bad situation is no always the solution. Sometimes, as a human, you must adapt. You must adapt to what you are given. This could be true for something as simple driving in the snow. If you hate snow and what it does to your car, don’t turn into a bad mood, assuming your day is ruined. Look at different possibilities. You could take a bus, ask a friend for a ride. This quote is all about attitude. What attitude do you have on life? Are you the one to give up quickly, only to get angry? Or are you the person to find a new way of getting things done? It’s all about the attitude and how you view a problem.

Peanut butter and jelly

When I first thought of how-to ideas, I thought back to when we had that stupid assignment in middle school: walking somebody through making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I understand the purpose of the assignment, sure we all forgot to mention you had to actually open the peanut butter jar or to walk over to the pantry to grab the jelly. But it’s mainly for the purpose of teachers tormenting us with their literal way of life. Everybody knows how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We just forget to look at the small things sometimes. I took a shot at writing my own version of the assignment during class. I quickly gave up after I had spread jelly onto my second piece of bread. I mean the list could go on. How specific do we have to be? Do I actually have to tell you that you need to put down the knife before you pick up the jar of jelly to open it? How unknowing is this person I am explaining this to? Do they have any common sense at all? Ehhh, when we were kids we just did the assignment without question. Now in highschool, there are questions for everything. Am I actually going to use this in life or is this just another step into getting an A? Do I actually have to read the chapter in order to do well on a test? If I did bad on this quiz, how much will if affect my grade? You think I could skip school and still S to the 5th?

Now I wouldn’t say life was easier as a middle schooler, it wasn’t (I try and block those years out of my life), but it sure had a lot less questions.

Short Stories: The Girl with Bangs; Homework

Short stories: The Girl with bangs; Homework


Both of these stories have to do with current, relatable, young adult plots. Divorce is such a common, household name. Everyone knows someone’s parents who are divorce, or may even be the victim themselves. George, from the short story Homework, did not know much about divorce. His mother, giving advice, led him through a story about the truth in divorce. If your parents were divorced, you might not ever see your mom. Or you might have to deal with your dad’s bad cooking, or his new girlfriend. But when George tries to “imagine” something more far fetched, such as your mom being eaten by sharks, it is quickly dismissed by him mother. Storytelling so it is believable. The difference between making something up that could be true, or something that might stick out.

Maybe this story really is true. The mothers parents could have been divorced, leaving her scarred with the memories.


The Girl with Bangs is another young adult story. The main character, lesbian, trying to seek out another girl who is involved in a long distance relationship. She says “I became a boy for the duration” and ” I did all the old boy tricks”. I figured this is what she is going to make Charlotte notice her? And the twist at the end, how oblivious Maurice is to Charlotte. How could anyone love someone so unfaithful?

Scholarship savvy

Scholarship savvy

If I have learned anything my senior year, it would be why I want this scholarship. Or what am I qualified to be awarded this money. What impact do I make in my community? These questions have circled my mind since I filled out my first scholarship application. I have entered my email more times than words I have written on my blog. Scholarships are a big part of going to college and the small ones are important too. Sure, academic scholarships are easy when you studied hard in high school. But after that, you are stuck with the same essay questions over and over and over. What makes you above the rest of the applicants? How are you different? Am I? Am I different than the rest of the students who just want money to be able to go to college? Sure, others need it more than myself. But I’ve worked hard for this. These kind of questions circle my mind every weekend as I google search for more nation wide scholarships. How am I different?




I had been wanting to look into this this film for quite some time. The reviews looked promising and I thought it would be an enlightening, uplifting, life-changing movie. However, I was wrong. I should have known. This movie did not make it to theaters and it rightfully belongs under the free movies section. The story line was cliche and unreal. I thought the purpose of this movie would be the bring attention to a rapid growing problem. But this movie had given a false idea of what cyberbullying was.

First of all, the main character was Emily Osment. She is gorgeous, gorgeous hair, perfect clothes. I know looks shouldn’t matter but they couldn’t find an actor that looked like an actual person who might attend high school?

Second, the way she started to be bullied was also far fetched. It wasn’t because she was weird or she dressed a certain way. It was all an accident. And I completely agree, they could be saying that it’s possible for anybody to be bullied. But this is beyond the point.

In the end, she goes up to the bully and tells her to stop and she runs away and it’s a happy ending and all the kids who used to make fun of her online now don’t because the “queen bee” is gone and the internet is safe.

This movie left me with nothing to take out that I didn’t already know. Yes, you should tell an adult. That’s about it. I had seen many movies like it before. Nothing special.

Craving Sunshine


Craving sunshine. Is it possibly to escape this cold weather. Mother Nature teases us with warm, sunny days. It doesn’t seem right to have been put through a horrible winter and Not be able to escape. I am so hungry for just a little warm weather, I had forgotten there was life underneath all this snow.

Warm weather will be the cure to all the blues. Everyone is sick and ready to graduate but I know if we just had one week of wonderful sunshine, everyone would be in a better mood. This winter has made us forget. Forget what it is like to roll your windows down. To enjoy running errands. Staying up late because the sun hasn’t set, so why should I?


Observation. This weekend I attended a Girl Scout event, Thinking Day. Every troop picks a different country and creates a small presentation about it. The younger girls go around to each booth a learn about countries from all around the world. Now for our troops country we choose Canada. It’s wasn’t the most interesting presentation but there was lots to learn about the similarities and differences between our culture and theirs. As we spoke our presentation to each group, I couldn’t help but notice how the younger girls seemed uninterested. Of course they were, all we had been doing was rambling on about something they don’t care about. In past years we made an effort to have the girls be active and learn through movement, but due to lack of space, this was not possible.

Ah-ha here comes the real observation. It was time to switch. Now, the other girls present while we walk around and learn about the countries. The first group talked quietly and looked to their moms for assistance. These were not young girls. Must of been 5th, maybe 6th grade. This experience is supposed to make them comfortable with talking in front of people. I had learned almost nothing about Kenya yet! They had notecards. They were prepared. But they could not look any of us in the eye and speak about their researched country. (After a while I found out this group was home schooled and that discussion is for another blog post).

The second station was more promising. Five little girls all wanting to speak at the same time. Information overload! Wow! Did I learn about Mexico! The one girl on my left was more excited than I had seen anybody talk about anything. She repeated the same thing over and over and wanted to take my hand and show me Mexico herself. She was enthusiastic and I admired her for that at such a young age. But what surprised me is the fact that the other girls scolded her for repeating information or getting too excited. She did not mean harm. She really just wanted me to learn everything there is about Mexico. I tried to ask questions as much as I could.

Mexico was the ONLY station lead completely by girls, with no adult help. The other stations were adult lead or the girl looked for the adults help. It surprised me dependent these girls were and how insecure they felt about talking in front of people. A


Music School


Three days and counting until my audition for ISU school of music. I have put numerous hours into practicing saxophone and my piano piece. I sacrificed weekends and free periods during school. Hoping all this hard work finally pays off, I am so very nervous!image

This will be the last chance for me to practice during school and I can surely say I am prepared.

Modge podge


The great-ness of modge podge.

If you are a crafter and never heard of modge podge, look it up. This glory glue has put together so many projects I have done. In particular, I used modge podge to creat two of the notebooks I was going to use for lit 100 and creative writing. Creating collages of something I love and mixing it with something I loath (school), makes life less painful.image image