The most un-cliche movie ever

Over winter break I had plenty of free time so I decided to watch movies. (By the way, if you are looking for an awesome site that let’s you watch movies for free, is great)

So of course I went through that list of movies that I  have been meaning to watch and have just never gotten too. Fight Club was awesome, Top Gun was really good, the list goes on. As I finished up my list I started watching movies I’ve never heard of. One particular movie (which will remain nameless), really caught my attention. This movies was the most basic set up for a gushy, happy ending romance movie. The girl is dating a douche bag (my blog, my language) and she finally sees the light and dates the main character. It’s her birthday and he saved up all this money to buy her a nice necklace. He gets to the party and she’s making out with the douche ex-boyfriend…………. And then the movie ends

just like that

it’s over

and I think that can really tell us a lot of things about life. Sometimes stories don’t always have happy endings. Or maybe not all love is true love.

At first I was pretty upset I wasted 2 hours for and ending like that but I slowly realized that it’s completely genius. I mean everyone needs to watch a movie and then get punched in the face, ya Know.

One thought on “The most un-cliche movie ever

  1. I think it’s interesting how the purpose of movies have changed. My Grandpa used to say how he and his friends would go to movies to escape the hardships of real life and he liked going in the air conditioning, and seeing the good guy conquer over all. Now it seems most movies (including the one you watched that will remain nameless) are trying to bring people back to reality, and that there are hardships in life that you can’t ignore.

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