Japanese Lit

Whenever we read short stories from different countries or cultures, I love to look into some of its background information. Sometimes character names or specific places will have underlying meanings within the story. Looking into the authors history or looking up foreign words could tell you a lot about the plot.

I looking into the meaning of iceman first. I searched for the basic definition to see it it had another meaning. The first was obvious, a boy who sells and delivers ice. But the second definition was “a professional serial killer”. (No joke, look it up)

Could this mean that she had in fact fallen in love with and ice cold killer? Is that what she meant? This could give new meanings to the entire story!

So the second story, In a Bamboo Grove, had lots of foreign words and places to look up. But I would like to look more into the title. Bamboo lasts through all season and grows no flowers or extra flourishes. Could bamboo represent the cold hard truth? It has no sugar coating and is strong, always there.

So I guess the connection I would like to make is….. Death. I mean look at the ice man. He obviously has serial killer tendencies. At the ski resort, he isn’t even skiing. He just sits in the same spot quietly reading a book….. At a skiing resort. Explain that to me! Why is he so frigid all the time? Really what he reminds me of is the tv show Dexter. Probably born with no emotions and kills to try and feel something. That’s totally icy if you ask me. In the Bamboo Grove, obviously there is some sort of death. But really you have no way of telling who, what, when, or why. It’s a mystery and if definitely makes the story interesting. You read the first side or the story, then hear the second. You are instantly confused because they say about the exact opposite. But there is no story that does not make sense. Interesting………

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